04 November, 2010

3 years

Three years ago I received my invitation to join Ravelry.com.
I never knew that joining an online community would change my life as much as it has. I have made many friends, traveled to places to meet up with them, even invited a few into my home.
I have challenged myself to grow in the crafts I enjoy, even learning to spin because of people I met on this site.
It is now a part of my everyday life.
In honor of this Ravelversary, I will give a prize of yarn to one person who leaves a comment telling me their ravname and how Ravelry has enhanced your life.

Contest will run through the 14th


kat said...

Happy Anniversary! Ravelry has been incredible in helping me connect with people, not only over yarn and goodies - but over life stuff too. I'm part of a group of woman expecting children at the same time, a depression support group and even a group about cloth diapers! My horizons and knowledge has broadened so much since I joined Ravelry!

ps: My join date is November 5, 2007! So mine is three years tomorrow!

KnitNurd said...

My membership was also three years old as of Oct. 25, 2007. Ravelry helped me to reconnect with my oldest daughter (irreknitsable), whom I had been estranged from for five years. Words just cannot express how that changed my life, and my daughter's. Ravelry helped to give me back my grandchildren as well, and I'm forever grateful!!!
My Rav name is KnitNurd. :=)

Whitney said...

Wow, I had to look back at when I joined & realized I just passed my 3 year rave-iversary!!! I have mostly been a solitary knitter & to help combat that I taught all my work friends to knit ;) But I have been knitting longer & know how to do more things, so by being on Ravelry & seeing the amazing things that everyone else can do, well, it really challenges me & opens up my world SO much. I check Ravelry almost everyday, & read blogs & look at progress pics & forum post. If I ever have a question, it can get answered!! Otherwise I would have no one to go to. Probably one of the best things that has happened to me :) Rav ID = whitsknits

pattybvt said...

I've also been a member for 3 years; Ravelry has been a never-ending source of information, support, and virtual friends. I'm very grateful for it. And Ravelry has become one of my great clients as well, and I'm really really grateful for that, too.

auburnchick said...

Hi Coggie!

I've been a member of Ravelry since November 20, 2007. I'm AuburnChick there too (you already know this).

I used to participate more in a few forums, but I don't have time any more.

What Ravelry has done for me is blown open the world of knitting. I had no idea how to substitute yarn in patterns. Now, a few clicks of the mouse, and I can find suitable (and cheaper) yarn choices.

I love seeing how people have adapted patterns to their own needs, and I really like the KALs, which serve as a resource when I'm working on a new project (especially Cookie's socks).

Thanks for doing the contest. I would have answered even without the tempting offer of yarn!

jeanbobbob said...

I, also, have been on Ravelry for three years. I can't even imagine my life without it. So many wonderful people, projects, ideas and enablers. I now know that I must live forever to ever begin, let alone complete, all the things that buzz in my mind all the time. Thanks to all the wonderful old, new and to be made friends in Ravelry! (GrandmaJean on Ravelry)

livin4fishin said...

It will be 2 years for me in January. Ravelry has changed my life too. I would certainly not enjoy my knitting as much if it were not for ravelry and honestly, I would probably be only knitting scarves and sweaters, with only acrylic. Ravelry has not only opened my eyes to projects, but to fiber. I feel so much more educated when I pick a yarn for a project and much happier with the outcome. Not only has it impacted my knitting, it has allowed me to meet some of the coolest people ever who share the same passion I do without thinking I'm a bit nuts (though I probably am). Thanks Ravelry!

wooliegirl said...

I'm not sure how long I have been on Ralvelry, but thinking 2 years (????), I should check. I am Wooliegirl and RAvelry has inspired me! Inspired me to knit more, spin more, dye more roving....just to be more creative.
It has also made me believe in what I can do, that I CAN knit and spin and what I produce is just as good as anyone else. I love RAvelry; I lurk more than participate, but I hope to change that!

bethanyg said...

I'll have to look to see how long I've been on Rav! It's helped me to make lots of wonderful friends, introduced me to my knitting group, progressed my skills and enticed me to add many more branches to my hobby tree. :) It's also connected me to many podcasts and it's all been such fun.

I'm bethanyg everywhere. heheh, I'm sooo creative...

Coggie said...

Random number generator picked number 6 so Jeanbobbob!!!!
I will contact you on Ravelry :) Congrats!!