21 October, 2010


This last weekend was wonderful!

Two of my friends and I took off and road tripped it to Rhinebeck, NY for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

We talk about the trip out and part of the festival on Episode 91 of my podcast; The high fiber Diet. The rest of the recap is on Episode 92, so titled.

My favorites:
A road trip with friends:



Amazing Scenery:

New York

The Festival:

Chris, Lorrie & I
Fall colors
Pumpkin carvings

The Knit wear:

Shawl Front
4th prize by Cat
1st prize
Cowboy hat

The Ravelry After Party:

Rav party goodies

Where I won a door prize:)

Lenny Incognito @ Rav Party
Chris & Lorie @ Rav Party

The Meet ups:

Saturday Rav Gathering

(more photos to come :))

My most favorite part of the trip:

Seeing my brother after 8 years!!

Big Brother

It was an amazing trip!!


Spundun said...

Wow - I am so jealous, that looks like a great trip. How lovely to see your brother after so long!

Kayten said...

Hey! I took that photo of you and Diane when I was on a break from my booth! Guess it turned out.

Coggie said...

Thank you!!