29 September, 2010

Let's hear it for the Girls--Random Dozen

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1. Do you believe, somewhere deep inside, that blonds do indeed have more fun? That they are "dumber" than brunettes or redheads? Be honest!

Having been just about every hair color there is, but being a natural blond, I have been treated differently when my hair is red or brown. It is all a stereo-type.

2. Which animal would you most like to observe in its wild habitat?

Tasmanian devil

3. This week the U.N. announced that Dr. Mazlan Othman has been appointed the official "Alien Ambassador," should any extraterrestrials contact us. Have you, or has anyone you know, ever seen a UFO?

No, but I have plenty stashed away in bags in my closet.

4. Name your favorite Hitchcock film.

Rear Window

5. Would you rather spend time at the library, the mall, a craft store or home?

Home. Surprised? Why? I am very much a home body. Second would be a craft store.

6. Which Disney princess is your favorite? (Or Disney character, if you are a guy)

Not a huge princess fan, but Pocahontas, I guess. As she was based on history. As for Disney Character, Pluto or Figaro are my favorite. Favorite Disney movie is Aristocats. Just thought I would throw that in.

7. What kind of art is your favorite?

Textile art.

8. How do you feel about viral videos, that is, videos made by amateurs that end up on Youtube receiving thousands of hits?

Some are fun. I love being able to see new up-n-coming peoples work.

9. Where do you buy your jeans?

Hmmm, last pair I bought were from Lane Bryants.

10. Tell me about your first automobile accident.

I have a perfect driving record so far, all accidents have been when I have been a passenger. Though I have been hit by a parked car (emergency brake released) and it broke my back and both Femurs.

11. Have you ever been honest when you knew you would benefit more if you would be dishonest?

Yes. It was not an easy thing to do, but I think honesty is best.

12. If you were appointed "Ambassador to Aliens," what would you show and tell first about life on Earth? What would be the most difficult thing to explain?

That for the most part we are gentle and caring.

War and disease would be hard to explain.


Nel said...

Good answers...

until next time... nel

Spundun said...

Great answers! For the last one, I would show the alien race the wonderful world of fibre arts - I like to enable and sometimes this world just isn't big enough!

Joyce said...

Wow-#10 sounds awful. Glad you are okay after that!

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! You had such extensive injuries from an driver-less car. Glad you're ok.

Melli said...

Textile art! I never would have guessed that from your blog! :D

That is quite a tale you've got to tell about your accident! I was hit by a parked car... I'm so glad you explained that one!

Mocha with Linda said...

Your injuries made me cringe! Enjoyed your answers.

Thena said...

Wow, thats serious injuries from a parked car. Hope your okay now.

Cindy Swanson said...

Congrats on your driving record! That's awesome.

We also agreed on the Hitchcock film.

Enjoyed your answers--have a great day!

momma24 said...

I have a friend that was hit by a car in this very same way. I'm glad you were okay.

Great answers!