03 July, 2010

Spinning, Flowers and Life

Today was the first day of Tour de Fleece. This is a fiber play on the Tour de France.
My challenge for myself is to spin for 15 or more minutes each day the cyclists ride. Today I spun for 20 minutes.

Tour DE Fleece Day one

The fiber: Corridale
The draft: Long draw

The happiness:

Flowers my daughter picked out while we were at the market today



The knitting, I am working on the back to my commuter knapsack:

Back of Commuter Knapsack

I am loving the pattern.

And finally, The Life.

Bear moved home this past week. I may have lost my craft room and it is now in my dining room, but I have my son home.

Bear moved home, my dining room now

Now we just need to heal the hurt and move forward.


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Wow, your spinning is wonderful! I am impressed and envious!!