03 July, 2010

Been Busy

I flew out to El Paso 105_4778 to see my husband. He had a couple days off from his business, so we got to play. You can listen to us on the latest podcast

After getting lost twice, I finally found him
Found him
and we got our weekend started. Yes, we were truely in the desert.
Beware of rattle snakes
We both love the desert, so we took lots of photos during the day and at night105_4810 105_4818105_4787 105_4837105_4839
We celebrated my birthday while we were together
Drove over to Las Cruses, New Mexico
We had fun at a water park Wet n Wild El Paso Sarge Rock Wall
(yes, he made it to the top)
and then we relaxed the next day while playing checkers outside 105_4869
( he won the game)

The time with him meant the world to me105_4872

Until we meet again...



annmarie said...

beautiful photos. you both look so happy. :)

(interesting that my word verification prompt is 'linger')

wooliegirl said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, the scenery is beautiful. And you both look so happy and content, so glad you had this time together! Happy belated birthday!!