21 July, 2010


Yes, that is what we call our group. We all hook in one fashion or another. Today, none of us were hooking, but we are still Hookers.
Rug Hookers
Crochet Hookers
Loom Hookers
Well the list could go on.

This is the group I get together with on Wednesday mornings. If you would like to join in and be a Hooker too just contact me for more info.

Our Mascot for the day, Hopper, not Hooker.

Todays mascot

Our Venue was very peaceful with a nice late morning/ early afternoon breeze. Trickling from the fountain of the Koi Pond was our music...

The venue

while back stage the leaves rustled and birds chirped.

Back stage

The Group all had crafts to play

On the Loom,

On Loom, Diane

Working the socks,

On DPNs, Jana

Shrugging it up,

Playing the longsticks, Chris

Spinning a thread,

Spinning, KaRi

Yes, you see me at my new wheel.
Meet Roo, She is a Schacht Lady Bug.

Meet Roo

Hope you can come play one morning with us.

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wooliegirl said...

Congratulations on getting your new wheel!