18 June, 2010

I love boxes!

Day 36

The listeners of my podcast, The High Fiber Diet, have been doing a wonderful job of taking care of me since Sarge left with his unit. Everyone needs a support system :) mine comes from the Internet as much as from family.

I came home from water aerobics last night and stopped to get the mail. Inside the mail box was a key, which means I got a box. *insert happy dance here*
I get really happy when I get boxes as they are normally full of fibery goodness.

This one did not disappoint!!


The box was not just for me, but they sent items to be put in a care package for Sarge. He will enjoy the drink mixes and chewing gum.

I, on the other hand, get to play now *grin*. The box included Angora, molted by Charlie the bunny, in lovely greys, 4 oz of Corriedale wool fiber in purple-teal-blues, a skein of Heritage Paints sock yarn in desert colors, A book, an adorable anklet and a tin that holds a Lo-Lo Bar in Vanilla moon. The bar is hand cream that smells amazing and when rubbed in it soaks in quickly (yes, I already tried it. I am picky, this is good!!)

Thank you all so much!!

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Fru-la-la! said...

an awesome box, indeed!! enjoy!