18 January, 2010


I have a list over on the side, A-Z about authors I want to go through the alphabet with. Today I am headed to the library to get the first book. No idea who I will pick.

Other reading, I am kicking around the idea of doing a second podcast. I have to wait until the craft room is finished, that way the sound quality goes up on recording. The podcast will be me, reading books for people to enjoy while doing whatever. I think of it like the old quilting bees, where someone read while others sewed. I like that idea. I will be looking for books for that as well. They have to be in the public domain so everything is legal, but there are enough out there, I just need to make a decision.

Right now I am reading a book about The College of the Ozarks called Hard Work U. It is very interesting. A college where students have no loans to take out and work in order to go there. What a concept, leaving college debt free. gee, I wish!

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