28 December, 2009

A year of projects

Looking back I have been very busy this year.

Between two surgeries and recoup time, I guess I had lots of time to knit, crochet and spin. I have completed 44 project to date (might squeeze another in before Wednesday).

Here is the list:

6 - Scarves:

Beige Muppet pelt
Orange Muppet pelt
Blue Muppet pelt
One row scarf
Cherry Mustard
Hoot scarf

6 - Sweaters

Ms. Purple Pants (started in 2008)
I love this FLS
Little Black Jacket
Shalom Fall
Forrest Sweater
Christmas Cardi

3 - bags

Grocery Sack
Pinkie bag
She-knits Mystery Bag KAL

5 - shawls

I do not have the Clap
Maybe this time
One-Button Wrap

4- Baby blankets

Operation Kid Cuddles
Military comfort
Pink and lacy
Lilac Lace

3 - mitts/mittens

Computer Mitts
Fingerless mitts
Secret Santa Hoots

5 - Pairs of socks/slippers

Pocket slippers
Inspired Socks
Take a long Socks
Another pair of socks


Misc knitting:

1 - Muff
6- Dryer Balls
1- Garterlac washcloth
1- Bag Organizer
1- Christmas Owls Cup Cozy
1- Go-veralls Baby outfit


This is on top of many blankets put together for charity and spinning I have done this year.

Now what to finish next?

I still have going:

7 - afghans in the closet
3 - pairs of socks
2 - sweaters for the Sarge
1 - sweater for Boo
1- Sweater for me
1 - tablecloth
1 - scarf for the Sarge

Plus about 13 projects I want to rip out.

That is 29 items on needles right now.


All I want to do is swatch for a new sweater for the KAL on The High Fiber Diet.

Knitter remorse... maybe.
Knitting ADD... Yep, I'll go with that.

Oh, another wrap up is my 52 in 52. I blew it away. I am on my 54th book this year. I doubt I will finish this one by Thursday, so I will say I have read 53.

Next years challenge: Not sure. Watch for another blog post.


Anonymous said...

I am very impressed that you managed to read that many books this year...especially with you attending college. Kudos to you!!!

Amanda N said...

Thats an impressive list - and 54 books also - how is this possible! You have put me to shame girl, 2010 is the year I get off my butt!