26 December, 2009

Sheepy Morning

It was shearing day for the Suffolk sheep.

The sheep get sheared early for a few reasons:
The wool gets a stress or break point when the sheep lamb, The sheep also don't recognize that it is cold if they still have their coats, and this way they snuggle with the new lambs and keep them warm. It also makes it easier for the lambs to find the milk on mom if there isn't as much wool. This is also the time the sheep get their shots and things to take care of them through out the year.

Shearing does not hurt the sheep. They get back scratches while waiting and right after they get to eat.

Here is one sheep being sheared

Sheering the sheep

This is the fleece from that sheep

Fresh of the sheep

Here it is being skirted. That is where they remove the "yucky" stuff from the fleece


After skirting it is folded and carried

Folded up

to the big bag of wool that is sent out to the mill for processing.

Into the wool bag

As that is happening the next sheep gets it's wool cut and the process goes on.


While this was happening, I was in the shop spinning.


I was spinning on my Pinkie and one of the daughters was spinning on the Ashford Country wheel.


I was spinning Polypay roving. The Polypay will get sheared on February 27th this year.

PolyPay Teal/brown

As a thank you I was able to choose wool to spin later.

Polypay pink/brown PolyPay Emerald

Now, my thank you to Lona and Mike of Shady Side Farm for allowing me to participate in this wonderful fibery day. You can find more info about the farm or on the next shearing day here.


bethanyg said...

Looks like it was fun! I think the Amaretto for later will be fun too. :P

My name is Lori said...

Your long draw is looking awesome! I like the new look of your blog too :)

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing about sheep sheering! For those of us that wouldn't get to experience this, it was very interesting! Looks like you have wool for many projects! Do you sell it? I should probably look closer down your blog to see. Keep up the good work! Glad the sheep are treated so well! :) Jesus compared us to sheep. That might not be a compliment...don't know! lol

Purl's Page said...

Hey Coggie!! Oh man I wish I had been able to make it to the shearing! But I am in for February 27th for sure!