05 December, 2009

Spinning Saturday

This weekend I decided to go to Lansing with the Sarge. I dropped him off at duty and had the day to play. I went to breakfast at Panera Bread, mmm bottomless hot tea and a sesame bagel.

Then I was off to spend the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon at The Spinning Loft . Lorrieu, Beth Smith (Owner) and another spinner (didn't get name, bad blogger-no cookie) and I had a grand time chatting it up and laughing.

Beth showed me how to long draw so I can spin better with downy fibers, and Lorrieu surprised me with Buffalo Gold fiber (YUM! and Thank you! - picture soon)
I picked up a few fibery goodies too- again pictures soon.
Thank you all for a wonderful spinning day!


Shorty said...

Isn't Beth the best shop owner ever!!!

Coggie said...

Yep, she is awesome!

Purl's Page said...

and Beth is a boob grabber too! LOL LOL!

Coggie said...

:) yep