25 November, 2009

1 month til' Christmas

Yep that's right, only one month to go.

I have been a bit blah about the holidays this year. I decided early on that I wasn't really going to knit gifts this year. Just go with the flow and see what happens. With the cooking and cleaning for Thanksgiving my brain is starting to get into the spirit of the holidays, it's just not all the way there yet.

Now, the Sarge wants his scarf, so I want to finish it for him and have it wrapped and under the tree. I also want to finish up his steel topper in time for Christmas as well. Boo has asked for Bella Mittens and Bear wants a winter hat that will match his work uniform.

You see where this is going don't you.

Bear's GF will need something wrapped and the grand children will need items, so I guess my needles and hooks will not be slowing down anytime soon.

So, please explain to me why, if I have all this stuff I want to knit/crochet and get done, all I want to do is knit on my project socks?

Sigh Yea, not knitting for the holiday never works out for me, why do I even try. At least my family appreciates my time and creativity.

I guess I need to spend more time knitting and less time online huh.

If you are traveling today, please be safe.


Vicky said...

Congrats on your family appreciating your knitting!! I showed a couple of items I was thinking about gifting after Thanksgiving lunch yesterday and they didn't even get an, oh that's nice comment, so guess they will either be mine or I will open an etsy acct and put them up for sale. Thankfully I had scrapped the idea of knitting for all the women a couple of weeks ago and decided to go back to being a selfish knitter :-) Works for me-I like my stuff!! My husband says only OLD people like that stuff - he can be a moron sometimes. I'm only 52 and don't agree with that at all. The stuff I make isn't stuff our grannies would make so don't know why he would say that. I use the good yarns and all, not the acrylics from Michaels. Oh well, glad to hear you are getting in the MOOD, hope you get all your knitting and hooking done in time!!

Coggie said...

Thank you Vicky. Knitting is not just for grandma anymore. It is sad when people think that way.


auburnchick said...

Girl, I hear 'ya!

I've been knitting non-stop for the last few weeks...all for other people. And most everything has been unplanned stuff. Things keep coming up, and new projects "magically" appear on my needles! I have a second sock on my needle, and it's desperate to come off. I keep telling her "After Christmas, just you wait and see."

Yeah, right.

Hang in there girl. Your loved ones will appreciate the thoughtful act of knit goodies.