04 October, 2009

Start and sort of finish

This week has been the start of a new quarter in college. The two classes I am taking this quarter are Advanced business report writing and Oral interpretation of literature. One is lots of typing and the other is performance art pieces. My homework this week has been to write a memo tell about about myself. Believe it or not this is not something I do well. I like to talk and will talk about anything, but I think a whole paper about myself is a little bit of a brag report and I do not find it enjoyable. Anyways, in my other class, we had to pick out two poems to bring to class for us to choose between for a poetry reading and enacting assignment. My favorite poem is Vespers by A.A. Milne (yes, of Pooh fame) so that was easy. The other poem I chose is I often contradict myself by Kenn Nesbitt. In choosing this one I think I show my funny side, or at least hope that my instructor sees it this way.

On the knitting front, I have worked on two projects this week. While I was home, I worked on the Steel Topper

Steel Topper

I am about 4 inches into the body of the piece, have about 8 inches still to go before I do the ribbing.
I also worked in my Take a Long socks while in college this week and finished the 1st of the pair.

Take a long sock

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