26 June, 2009

In my next 40 years

Today is my birthday.
What a change 40 years makes. I was a little baby at just over 5 pounds -- I've grown a bit.

For me my birthday is a time to reflect on what has happened in the past and to plan goals for the future.

This last year has been a hard year for me physically. I have had a few surgeries and a couple of procedures on the side, that has made it some I have not been that active. I want to change that. Now that I am feeling better, as soon as the doctor says it is okay, I am going "guts to glory" and getting myself in shape.

Friendship is very heavy on my brain today. You know your worth by the friends you have. I don't know who said that, but the saying is ever so true. I need to be a better friend.

After the last surgery, my hormones have changed and I have become quite bitchy. I want to change that aspect before I lose every friend I have ever had. I have always been very upfront about my opinions, but maybe now I need to censer what opinions I give and where.

I want to love my family more just for who they are, instead of who my mind thinks they should be. They are grown up now and I have raised to wonderful people who I am glad to call my friend as well as my child.

I want to get back to being a couple with my husband. These last 10 days of no kids at home have been wonderful for reconnecting and I would love this to continue. This is the man I am proud to call my husband, I want to continue to also be his friend.

" Life is the party to which your invited. Show up and dance 'til you break the strap on your shoes. And don't worry about the steps: they'll come to you"-Anita Renroe

Things I want to do in the next 40 years (the list is not complete):

  1. Graduate from college
  2. Open my yarn store
  3. Get a tattoo- yep I said it, I want a tattoo. I want a yarn ball with two needles sticking out and a crochet hook underneath. Not real sure of the design or where on my body, but I want one.
  4. Travel the United States- I want to hit historical sites, tourist locations, attractions all over. I want to RV it, fly it and drive it.
  5. Visit Canada
  6. Travel to the UK
  7. Bounce grandchildren on my knee
  8. Watch my kids graduate from college and have good careers
  9. Watch sunsets with my husband and snuggle while the sun rises too.
  10. Learn to make won tons and croissants
  11. Attend fiber events each year at different locations
  12. Take fun classes, like underwater basket weaving
  13. Ride in a hot air balloon
  14. Knit, crochet and spin
  15. Visit Time Square on New Years Eve
  16. Watch the Rose Parade in person (not in the same year as #15)

I hope to be able to enjoy all of these with my husband, but it is his choice to come along, as his "next 40" may have a different list than mine does.

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Vicky said...

Hope you had a wonderful 40th and 40+ more!!