29 June, 2009

Birthday,Swap and Etsy

I love packages!!

This weekend I received a present from my dear friend Deborah. She spoiled me! I had invited her to go to the movies with us for my birthday (We saw Transformers 2, I want a Bumblebee!). When she showed up, she bought me a small suitcase.

First the suitcase, no wrapping needed it is beautiful.Birthday box

When I opened the case, I saw (in much neater placement) Inside the Birthday Box
That is 875 yards of Yarn Hollow lace weight in the yummiest Turmeric colorway. The sweetest smelling candle that has scented the yarn in the best way possible is inside a crystal candleholder
In addition, she threw in Diamonds in pink and clear. Mmmm!

The black box
Contains beads in pink, clear, green, pearls and frogs, to make stitch markers out of (Yay an enabler).
I thought I was done. I went to close it and she told me to keep going. She got me a home for my iPod classic. Now I can listen when I am trying to fall asleep.
I know I thanked you in person, but again thank you so much, Love ya!!

I also received in the mail my Crabby Crafter Birthday Swap from the Ravelry group.
Genial was my partner, I still need to mail mine off to her, but her birthday is in mid July so I am not late :)
Crabby Swap
I received two skeins of purple wool (only one shown as I am using one) and a skein of multi wool, to make a felted bag. Along with the yarn, she sent me Pooh stickers, Butterfly stitch markers, beaded stitch markers ( I will get better photos, lighting is bad), needle coils, a cool peace necklace, a glass flower bead for the bag, lots of yummy tea and a wooden foot file. Again I was spoiled. Thank you ever so much!!

Then today in the mail, I received a package from an Etsy store order.
There is a bit of a story behind the order, so that first.
A while ago, I was contacted by a listener of the podcast I co-host about knitting socks. I sent her off a sock starter of Socks that rock yarn and DPN needles and gave her my basic sock pattern to play with. Her and I chatted back and forth about this and became friends on Ravelry. Well, in reading blog posts from friends, I saw that she had opened an Etsy Store named Llady Llama Fiber Co. so I went and looked.


She had hand dyed BFL and Merino Top.
I just had to have one in the colorway Boundaries. It is turquoise and browns with parts of cream mixed in, my colors all the way. 4 oz for less than $19.00 including shipping! I had that in my PayPal, so I ordered.
My colors are not true, but as close as I could get them
Fiber from Llady Llama Fiber Co.

She also included with the shipment, a thank you for getting her addicted to socks ( just doing my bit as a pusher my dear ). This thank you is in the form of the most wonderful spindle spun yarn I have gotten my hands on in forever. I bow to her spinning prowess!


Thank you so much as well.

I have been most spoiled this whole weekend.

On a more serious note, I picked up my books for college on Friday and changed the whole plan I had for summer reading. The class I am taking on American Novels has some books I have to read.
Light summer reading for college
One not shown is the awakening, which we are reading first.
I think this will be a fun class. We get to do crafty stuff to summarize the books, or take excerpts and do a skit and have it recorded. We can talk about on computer radio (as the teacher calls it) LOL yeah a podcast for bookies :) I think I can do that. Only one book do we have to do a report on and that only has to be four pages. After all those reports at the end of last quarter, no problem. Well one problem...I only have 8 weeks to read these four books and do all the crafty stuff as well. *sigh* I guess something else will have to give for a while.
I am also taking European history and will be doing a report on one of the great people from a certain era (not sure who or when yet).

Okay this is long enough for tonight, I have other things to show but they can wait for tomorrow.
Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Wow! What divine treats you received! That spindle yarn is my favorite!!!!

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your blog from someone else's, from someone else's (etc, etc) and LOVE the Yarn Hollow yarn. I don't see any on the websites shown, so I was wondering if you have an etsy shop or something?! Or, if you happen to come to North Carolina, maybe you would like to share with a LYS here?????