14 June, 2009

A Fun Filled Weekend

First I have to say I fell off the Diet wagon. I will hop back on today, but the last two days have been wonderful and I just had fun.

We call Friday and Saturday the weekend. Yes we know Sunday is normally part of the weekend, but the Sarge works 3rd shift, so he has to go to work on Sunday night, so we play on Friday and Saturday.
This week, we actually removed our bodies from our home. Yes this is a treat for us as we are both homebodies.
On Friday, we headed up to Montague, Michigan for a Patriotic Rally. They were honoring military and Emergency personnel with flag waving, music and the ability to talk about the people you are honoring.
The event was held at the "Worlds Largest Weather vein" which we had never been to before and was pretty cool.
My husband went in uniform. 100_6368 It was a wonderful couple of hours in tribute to those I hold so dear. I have many military memebrs in my family and a few Emergency officers as well. Thank you to all of them.

After the Rally, we were getting ready to head home and saw a drive in burger stand. You know, like A&W used to be, with car hops and all, yep, we had to stop.
I think the Sarge and I both think we had the best burger we have had in forever! They also make their own rootbeer and it was awesome. The place ... Dogs and Suds If you have one near you, go...have a Texas Burger and fries with chunky applesauce...TO DIE FOR!
But not something you could eat everyday, so thankfully they are an hour drive away.

Saturday we had W.W.K.I.P. Day.
We went to the Old Boys' Brewhouse and were able to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunny day.

100_6381 100_6382
The Sarge and I got there early and we ordered lunch
Oh my goodness it was good!
I also had 3 or 4 margaritas..but who is counting?

We had a good turn out.
Nikstergirl, Asemumma, Asemumma's Daughter E who knits, Deborah, MIL, Jan and myself all sat around and had a wonderful afternoon filled with knitting and gabbing.100_6391100_6388 100_6389

Lots of door prizes were handed out
100_6379Door Prize Table


I hope everyone had fun.
Onward to next year.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!


Jackie said...

It looks like you all had a blast!!! And where you were looks beautiful. I can't wait to come up in the fall.

dnaprice said...

Michigan looks absolutly beautiful. Looks like you guys had a real enjoyable WWKIP Day.