25 February, 2009

Saying goodbye

to a dear friend is hard.
This friend has taken us a lot of places and shown us areas of the country we would not have seen with out her.
I am talking about our wonderful little roller-skate of a car Holly the Honda. A 91 Burgundy civic with wine interior.
This car was purchased from a family member when we were desperate to get the Sgt to military duty one winter day, four years ago. She was a good car, she was good on gas, fun to drive and quite peppy for a little 4banger. She allowed us to use her to teach both teenagers how to drive a stick shift and barely ever stalled in the process. I have always remembered the first car I drove, I am sure the kids will remember her.
Two weeks ago she got really sick. We had to do a tune up and valve job on her. We paid just over $600 and got her running again like the 18 yr old she was. Then, two days later, while my son was driving her to work, she died. He was able to get her off the freeway and to safety before he called home for help. We had her towed to the "car doctor" for a diagnosis, hoping we could revive her again. Alas, no. The Timing belt was broken and the possibility of bent valves means that just looking under the hood would cost us another $600 and the worst case was upwards of $2000 to get her back on her wheels and going. She had over 200k miles on her already.
We thought it over for a week.
Today we went and pulled all of our things from her insides.
We will call a salvage yard tomorrow and have her picked up.

Thank you Holly for all you have done for this family.
You were a good car, you will be missed.


deedalee said...

You should check into one of those "donate your car to charity" places, at least you'd get a little tax write off. We've done this twice, we tend to drive our cars until they die, too.

Coggie said...

Great idea, Thank you. I called up Love INC and hopefully they will take the car :)