21 February, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'

Oh, what a beautiful day.

I feel like singing!
Why, I have no idea. It is snowing again and cold outside, but inside we are toasty and warm. I have a cup of hot cinnamon coffee and a warm toaster strudel to fill my tummy.

Last night was the LNYP in Grand Rapids. Deborah drove, so I had knitting time while navigating. We decided to go out for a quick dinner before hand. we ended up at a Hookah Lounge. I had no idea what a hookah was until last night... boy do I feel old now. It was not somewhere I would normally go but the sandwich was ok. We had tried to go to Mulligans pub, thinking that they would serve good Irish food, but alas, they only served alcohol.

After we headed over to City Knitting and met up with fellow knitters. I love these nights. We really don't get much knitting done, but the catching up is always wonderful.
I worked a bit on both my FLS FLS
and on my Clapotis Clapotis
I made a small purchase while I was there. Something for each of the three swaps I am currently in.

Deborah gave me a thank you gift, I totally love it, but it was unnecessary. Last week I picked her up and had her at my house while her car was being held hostage at the auto repair shop. She had gone to the local museum later in the week and picked me up this wonderful frog candle holder Froggy Gift I love pink and I love frogs...it is perfect, thank you!

In the news around the house this week a few things have happened:
Bad: The Sgt is laid off again, we are thinking this is coming to an end and it will be permanent. He does have a return to work date, but we are hearing that they are getting pushed back. The economy sucks everywhere and his shop is no exception.
Better: My son has decided to join the military, he swears in on Thursday.
Best: My daughter had try-outs yesterday and made both Chamber Choir and Choral Ensemble for her senior year.
I am so proud of both my kids!


auburnchick said...

Kudos to you for finding positive among the negative. I'm sorry about the hubby. Congrats to both of your kids. Which branch of the military will your son be serving in?

Coggie said...

Thank you :) I try to stay positive as much as I can.
My son will be serving in the Army.