05 December, 2008

Two days without heat

I am happy I knit. My husband is now happy that our house is insulated with wool, yes that is why I have the size stash I have.
We awoke yesterday morning to no heat. We checked the gas and yes we have flamage, so next is to tinker with the furnace. We popped off the front of it and saw that the caution lights were blinking in a pattern of two flashes. This means that something is wrong and we called the repairman. Fun, yeah we needed another excuse to spend money.
The repairman was supposed to show up by 7pm, later than normal but I was told that two people were having their furnaces replaced, so I waited. I was patient until 8pm as I figured with the snow and ice they could be traveling slow. At 8 I called and asked if I was going to get seen today. The repairman called back and said he had been at my house at 415 and no one answered the door. WHAT? I have a small mobile home, not like you could not hear the door if you were in the back, as it was at 415 I was in the living room helping hubby proof his report for college, so we were less than 5 feet from the front door, so no, the guy never showed up. Believe me, we were waiting. The Sergeant was snuggled in two fleece blankets and had woolies and fingerless gloves on ( he tried typing with real gloves, no go) I had my scarf and hat set on, a blanket on my lap and a hoodie on for warmth.
While talking the repairman, he had me fiddle with some switches on the furnace (after I confirmed that my house would not go boom) after two flips of a switch, the heater came back on. YAY we had heat... too much heat.... then we got it so it would go back off.

Fast forward to this morning. I am in bed all snuggled into my blankets and the Sergeant comes home from work. He wakes me up from my warm snuggly sleep to tell me that it is freezing in the house. I tell him what to do with the furnace, and nothing...nada...we again have no heat. So we again called the repair place, they said they would be here by 4pm today. They better give me a discount!

Sorry for this to be a bitch fest, but that is my two days.

Edit: YAY we now have heat. It cost a bit less than I thought it would so that is good as well.

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Jenny Girl said...

Oh this totally sucks and I would also be bitching up a storm.
Good luck on finals, and good hopeful thoughts your way.