24 December, 2008

Snow on Christmas Eve is Magic

As EVERYONE knows I do not like snow!

But snow on Christmas Eve makes one think of Frosty, and the silk hat, warm fuzzies and such.
This being the case, my husband and I decided to build our first ever Snowman together.

Here I am looking out trying to decide if I really want to do this

Snow on Christmas Eve I am standing in the middle of my front yard
The beginning
well a snowman starts with a snow ball

you have to pack the snow on to make the snow man big

And tramp around it.
Our 1st Snow Man
We are proud of our little snowman

Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you find the magic of the day.

1 comment:

Jenny Girl said...

I know you don't like snow, but we haven't had any in a long time...wouldn't mind some.
Hope you had a great Christmas.