23 December, 2008

One Half Finished

The Army/Air Force clogs are finished and drying now. They fit his feet (he is sleeping, I tried them on him)

Making the Clogs
Putting the second bottom of the clog

Still sewing
Sewing up the bottom seam

Before Felting
Yes there is something bigger than size 14 feet

Way too big
See too big, I assured him they would fit.

Lots of soap
With hot water and lots of soap we made the woolie clogs smaller

Soaking wet
This is before the rinse and the final spin

Finished Clogs
We even had to stick them in the dryer but they now fit.

Here are the photos of him wearing them. They are almost dry now.

Now to get the scarf done in one day...somehow I don't think this will happen.