03 October, 2008

I have to say I have a wonderful MIL

She knows that I have three PASSIONS in life besides my kids.
One is her son; the second is anything fiber and the third is cooking.

I love to cook.
So, a couple of months ago she picked up tickets to the Taste of Home Cooking school that was going to be in our area. We both had attended two years ago and she knew we would have fun.

Last night was the night!!
And boy were we right.
I wasn't able to take photos, as they didn't allow in cameras, but we sat up top in box seats at the Frauenthal Theatre in Muskegon. We got there about 515pm after going to an early dinner (I had college so I had to get something to eat before we went).
The doors opened at 530, MIL and I grabbed our seat and proceeded to pull out our knitting while others were seated. I had several people stop and ask if I had made my sweater (the FLS, why yes I did), and ask about my love socks. I handed out cards for people to listen to the podcast ( Ep 6 is up) or to look me up on Ravelry. I love the networking parts of going places almost as much as I love the events.

About 7pm they got the show rolling.
We were infused with smells of:
Almond cream cheese Bundt
Chocolate chex caramel crunch
Bulgur Chili
Jalapeno chili
Indian Butter Chicken
Italian Herb and cheese crusted chicken rolls
Pork stir-fry
Pumpkin Tiramisu
Lava Chocolate cakes
Freezer coleslaw
Apple and dried cherries compote
Gallo wine was also there as a sponsor and we did a bit of wine tasting, mmmm

With many people winning door prizes through out the night and other winning the food and dishes themselves. Sadly, neither MIL nor I won either. We did get a huge goodie bag from Taste of home and the sponsor Plumbs supermarkets.

A lot of the recipes I will be trying out with the family over the next couple of weeks. I am thinking of doing the Indian chicken this weekend. Mmmm

Over the course of the evening, tips were given out about cooking, like freezing the pumpkin dessert overnight and thawing it only an hour before cutting it. It makes for perfect squares.
Another is the 7 spices for health that I am now going to try to incorporate into our foods. I am trying now to exercise a bit and get heart healthy, so this goes with the flow of that.

This was the perfect end to a stressful week of getting back in the groove of college life. I'm glad I married the man I did and have the MIL I do.


Turtle said...

sounds like a good night, like the new look on the blog!

Channon said...

I have to thank you for my button! A friend had one made for each of us, and what a great surprise!

margokp said...

hey... you've got a new look! lookin' good!

BammerKT said...

Isn't your mother in law great? Its so awesome to have one who loves you.

Coggie said...

Thank you all :)
I Thought the blog needed to have a more autumn look to it.
I have made several of the reipes from the event and the whole family loves them all so far. YAY!
I have subscribed for years but rarely use the cookbook for cooking, maybe I will from now on.