01 July, 2008


Does shopping at Wally World make us morally corrupt?
This is the question that my husband just asked me on the phone. Neither of us care to shop at Wally world, but with certain things we cannot find a better place to buy them at the price they are sold there.
Take his Steel Toe Tennis shoes that he wears at work, this is what we bought this last weekend at Wally world for $26.96. We purchase normally 4 pairs of work shoes for him a year. They must be non slip and must be steel toe. They have to be comfortable as he walks from 5 to 10 miles a night through the shop as QA.
About two years ago, we bought shoes for him at a higher end place and paid about $150 for the comfy shoes. They only lasted half a year. It is too much for us to be purchasing so often, when we can go to Wally world and still save money. We do not care for Wally world or it's business practices. We do not like his hard earned money going to this business and we do what we can to not purchase anything from there, but we cannot find a place that sells shoes that fit him (yes large feet) at a reasonable price. What should we do? Bow to the convenience of the store that is just around the block or pay the higher price and go without something else because of it.
Most other things we used to shop at Wally world for, are now being sold at other stores in the area for about the same cost. I do not mind paying a dime more for Rain-x de-icing fluid at another store, because I am not shopping at Wally world, but it does bother me that we have to go to Wally world for his shoes.
So I ask you the question hubby placed to me, " Does shopping at Wally World make us morally corrupt?" Please answer me back.


The Frizzy Hooker said...

There is an incredible amount of guilt when anyone in my house shops there.
My father belongs to UAW and my co-worker's wife is a union supported state congressman.
But they have these ice cream cakes that I have not found anywhere else. We go there under the pretense of getting those icecream cakes. One weekend I went to four stores looking for the perfectly priced refuse can. I reluctantly went to the Evil Empire and found what I needed.

Coggie said...

I knew we were not the only ones who had a guilty feeling when shopping there. I haven't tried the ice cream cake from there yet , hm-mm , you make me want to.

It sucks that Wally World has contracts with different places so you can only buy it there. There are some things I have given up on because I can only get it there, where other things, like hubbies shoes, I really don't have a choice if I want it to fit in our budget.