01 July, 2008


June flew by without me posting once. Sorry about that. It was a very stressful month in this household. With hubby and I both having birthdays, all the car tags, insurance and nit noid things are due during that month. Bills piled up and some I had to decide if I was to pay then or if I waited. Well the phone/cable/internet was one that waited, as it is not essential, like feeding the kids. Therefore, for the first couple of weeks of June I was out of touch with the universe, but am back now.
At the beginning of the month my new cookware came in Under healthy cooking look at cookware I got the small starter set, so I have room to grow and I really need to get the stock pot next! Yes, it is a bit pricy, but I have already lost 15lbs by using this. On the other hand, THANK GOD we ordered this cookware, as my stove decided it no longer wanted to work. My daughter was turning on the oven to preheat it, when the knob came off in her hand, I went over and looked at it, put the knob back on and went to adjust it and the knob just spun and spun. We had flames in the gas oven, but no idea what temperature they were coming out at. SO I called my neighbor to help us, he fiddled with it with needle nose pliers and we heard a POP, shhhhh, pop. The rod and mercury sensor broke. We had no way of turning off the oven. I called the gas company and they told me they had a tech in route, but to call the fire department and evacuate the house. YAY me! The kids were more worried about the cats than them selves, so they stuck the cats in the jeep with water dishes, and went outside. Me, I grabbed the fire extinguisher and stayed inside, I figured that we had flameage under control; it is an oven for Gods sake it is supposed to have a burner on. However, if it was going to spread, I was ready to save my house. The Gas company tech showed up within 20 minutes, the fire dept right behind him. They got my gas turned off and explained to me what happened to the stove, and that fixing it would cost more than a new one would. *sigh*
About 2 hours later, we went to make dinner in my electric skillet and noticed that the oven was still hot. How can this be, we have no gas going to it? So, I called the gas company again, and they sent out the same tech again. He had forgotten to unplug the stove. The electric ignition was trying like heck to start the oven, but could not because of no gas, so it was glowing hot. He said my oven was at about 450 degrees at that point in time. We got it unplugged and there it sits. No oven, no stovetop for me, yay.
Since then I have been using my mini appliances (crock-pot, electric skillet and such) and two hot plates to cook on. Learning how to cook on electric again has been "so much fun". I have a nice burn on my left hand from steam; blisters are no fun to knit with.
Ok, enough bitching.

The fun stuff that happened during June:
On June 1st, we had 2 grad parties to go to. My daughters boyfriends

And my son's Best friends

On the 8th was Hubbies birthday, he was gone for duty most of the day, but we had a small cake and ice cream thing when he got home.

Fast forward through the month to the 22nd, when we had my son's grad party,

The kids had a blast playing Rock Band at it.

The same day my daughter left for MSU choir camp for a week.
We went on Friday the 27th to pick her up and see the final concert.
My birthday fell within that week. It was a good birthday. My girl friend picked me up and we went and did a "downtown circle" for it. We started at the local coffee house, jumpin' java and got yummy iced cappuccinos, then we went to the local fresh bread bakery, Great harvest and got a piece of spinach and feta bread, and while walking towards our fun place, we found a new chocolate shop in town and got to try a sample of yummy fudge. mmmmm. Then we walked to the Ceramics cafe and we proceeded to paint items for about 3 hours. I made a popcorn bowl and a new coffee mug. I will pick them up later this week, I am excited to see how they turned out. I did learn that I like to paint, but it is not something I could do everyday, it is too tedious. This coming fro someone who knits, yes to me painting is tedious.
We then went out to dinner at Panaras and headed home. Where I found my box from my swap partner had arrived. YAY 2008 Birthday swap :)
A day of fun topped off with yarn, it does not get any better.
On Saturday, my MIL and I went to a Yarn Dyeing Workshop put on by Trish, BammerKT on Ravelry. She blogged about it so I will not except to say I had the best time, learned to mix dye, learned I over did the yellow. I will get photos of the finished blanks and hank before I knit them up.
I did finish a lot of projects in June, but I need to get photos before I talk about them :)
I think that just about finishes up June for us. On ward to July, where more of the no oven/stove saga will continue as well as a new segment of cars from hell.
Hope you all have had a good month.
Hugs and stitches,

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