16 July, 2008

Mohair hates me

Hello all,
I just thought I would pop on and tell of a knitting injury.
I ordered Carie Lynn from She-knits and started on it yesterday. Love how quickly it is knitting up.
I hardly ever knit with mohair or mohair blend yarn as I mostly wear contacts. Now I know why.
Well, I am using lambs pride and this morning I woke up with my eye killing me and crusted over. I got it washed and open, tried flushing it, wore my glasses, came in and typed up the bag pattern and flushed my eye again, as the crying and pain wouldn’t stop.
Finally, when my son got home from his interview about 1pm, I had him take me to the eye doctor. We got there, the nurse looks at me and says,” the doctor just left, go to urgent care” just my luck right.
I go to urgent care and they dye my eye (no pain killer as I am allergic) and proceed to pull two 3-4 inch strands of mohair out of my left eye. PAINFULL!! Shall I say? Yes! I know they were mohair as my hair is more a golden faded red color and the strands were both bright orange.
They probe around making sure they got it all, which was even more painful.
I was told that part of one strand was trying to go into my lower tear duct, so that is why I am still crying out that eye 2.5 hours later. I am to flush my eye every hour and rest it as I can.
Now I am going to go find my husband’s safety goggles as I am going to finish this bag. My next one will be with felt-able non mohair yarn.
This sucks, as you saw in yesterdays post, I have just been given mohair roving to try to spin.*sigh*


Lori H said...

OMG -- that's horrible. Glad you're doing better now and they got that out of your eye. Mohair and I don't get along either :(

Coggie said...

Thanks Lori, Thought I was the only one. Hmmm, I was going to offer you the mohair rowing, but not now, maybe one of the other knit-nighters would like it. I will bring it with me.
The eye is still swollen and tender today. I am still working on the bag, only with safety goggles on, looks funny, but the bag will be pretty. Not sure if I will keep it though, might make it part of a swap.