27 March, 2008

Busy Month

Hi all ,
Sorry about the post break. I have had a busy month here with kitties and knitting/crochet.

First off, KITTIES warm fuzzy baby KITTIES! Here they are just days after birth. Here two of them are two weeks later, just getting their legs, King Tut won't let us get his faceThis one has a home Today I had to take down the barrier and let them have the run of the living room , as they have learned to climb and I don't want any of them hurt.

During this month, we have gone Prom Dress shopping for my daughter. We still need to order the tux for my son. This is the dress we decided on 102_0710 Now to find shoes and jewelry that matches. We did get her boyfriend a tux with the tie in the same orange. YAY US!!

I have been busy with knitting and crochet, if you are on Ravelry.com, you can see everything in my projects, but I will post photos here of finished and UFO's. First off I finished the Heart washcloth (more like a tea towel)Finished Heart cloth I finished the Lemon 'n Violet shawl for Mrs. Lemon at the high school, I will give it to her at the Spring Concert. Lemon 'n Violet Shawl and I finished the English Passion Shawl for Mrs. McClary, who direct South Pacific, in which my son plays Luther Billis. English Passion Shawl I have to say thank you in so many ways to both of these ladies. They have kept my son directed while in high school. He graduates in May and these ladies have helped to guide him towards his love of the arts and music.
In crochet I finished an elephant for Easter Elephant My daughter has decided that it is hers. I hope to make many more for charity.
I started on my Central Park Hoodie Central Park Hoodie Back I am done with the back , and almost done with the left front. I am going to put a zipper in it I think. I have been following along with a couple of KAL's on Ravelry, at Sheknits Stitch it and the yarn thing forums. I have also joined the official KAL on there to get more info on the pattern. It is an easy quick knit, I just wish it was the only thing I had to work on , if it was, it would be done by now.
I also made sock blockers from place-mats, 102_0756 they work wonderfully!
As always I have socks going , no photos of them right now , but I promise I will get some soon.
You all can hear me now. I received a PM from Meghan of Stitch it Podcast and she asked if she could interview me. YES!!, so if you go to her podcast, it is episode 12. She is such a neat lady and we chatted so much before and after the interview.
As I said earlier, My son is preforming in South Pacific this week at school, I will get photos up after we see the play on Saturday. I saw it last night because I went and sold tickets, but we are going as a family, so photos then.

I hope all the photos and links come through on this, I am new to doing them in code.
Hugs and stitches all,


Cookey_knits said...

Nice looking socks love the colour. The little orange kitty is cute, do they all have new homes yet?


Coggie said...

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for the comment.
No, only one of the kitties have a home right now, maybe two if my daughters friend comes through.
We will take them for their first check up before letting them go to a new home, that way I know they get the first set of shots and all.