22 May, 2017

Road Trip

We headed Up North for the weekend.
Started out at 530am on Saturday. 

The sunrise was beautiful! 

We were headed to Tip of the Mitt Fiber Festival.
We made it to Boyne City about 10:30 and met up with Shannon. We headed to the festival about noon where we met with Shirley and little man after dropping Sarge at the rifle range. 
There would be pictures of the festival, but my phone decided it needed a reset at that point. Not impressed...neither was I. 
After stopping for lunch and then picking Sarge up, we all headed back to Shannon' s house to relax. First time meetings for our hubby's. I think it all worked out. A few naps,  lots of laughter, and then bedtime. 
Sunday I think we all slept in a bit. We had brunch, the men napped and us women chatted, knit, spun, and laughed some more. 
Sadly we had to say goodbye. 
Sad to go. Miss them already!

Sarge and I headed out on the road again for a quick stop to see his friends in Grayling. 
We stopped for dinner then arrived about 730p. As I said, it was a quick stop, about an hour.  Then we were off for home. 
We arrived about 1 am and crashed out about 2am 
It was a fun weekend. 

My question: 
When did giving someone advice from experience become judging? 

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