21 September, 2016

Non scale victories- NSV

A year ago I wrote a list of things I hoped to be able to do once I had gastric bypass surgery. 
I will mark, in bold, the ones I accomplished in the order in which I wrote them. 
1. Tie my shoes without hassle
2. Touch my toes
3. Sit in an airplane seat without an extender
4. Feel comfortable sitting in the back seat of a car
5. Play cars with the grandcubs on the floor
6. Ride a roller coaster. 
7. Go down water slides
8. Wear size 10 pants
9. wear a medium top
10. Buy calf boots that fit and zip

11. Purchase clothes from a regular size store
12. Go hiking
13. Walk a 5k

14. Ride a bike
15. Walk up a flight of stairs without panting
16. Walk fast enough not to hurt my hubby
17. Walk the boardwalk and pier

18. Climb a pool ladder
19. Go horseback riding
20. Be told I'm tiny
21. Fit in a restruaunt booth
22. Take an Amtrack trip
23. Easily cross my legs
24. Sit Indian/crisscross style
25. Wrap a bath towel around me
26. Pull the car seat forward
27. Wear my husband's clothes 

28. Feel pretty
29. Walk a corn maze
30. Build snowmen in the yard with grandcubs

Two-thirds of the NSV's I wrote down have been accomplished. What amazes me is the amount, over the year, that I didn't write down. I think my husband has gotten sick of me pointing out new things I have accomplished. Most people take these small things in stride. I hope I never do. 

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