09 December, 2015

Week 10 RNY post op

It has been a good week. I weigh 260 lbs that is 55 lbs down. 

My goals since my last doctors appointment have been 30 minutes of exercise, 64 ounces of water and 60 grams of protein. I'm supposed to stay under 900 calories. I think I'm getting everything in and staying under the calorie goal. However, I was eyeballing everything. I'm not doing that anymore. My digital scale has become my friend. Unless I am having something easy like a yogurt or cheese stick, which are already serving sized for me, I need to portion out 2oz of protein, 1-2 ounces of veggies and minimal amount of starch. I haven't been putting starch on my plate. 4-6 ounces total fills me up and makes Tazzy happy. 
I did make a grocery store error this week. I had been out of Sugar free popcicles and thought I grabbed a box to refill. They are nice when I just can't face another 8 ounces of water. Well, I bought popcicles, but not sugar free. Yeah, Tazzy was not a happy camper. Sugar is not my friend! I will keep those on hand for the grands. 
For exercise, I added yoga and stretching to the walking and weights. My body feels good and I am very hyper. It takes about an hour to get through my routine. 
I had my pre-eviction appointment for Barnacle Bill the cyst. His eviction is set for December 21st at 10am. I will be having an open incision because of the size of of Bill then I will be in the hospital for a few days. On Christmas Eve Eve, I should come home to heal. The doctor informed me it will be 6-8 weeks before I can get back to heavy exercising. Walking is ok if I take it slow. 
Sarge and our kids are great and I am sure I will be well taken care of by them. We have already planned to push Christmas back a day and celebrate with me on the couch and everyone else making the meal and doing the presents stuff. I am no where near done with shopping, but I am sure I will get it done in the next week. 
Thank you for joining me on my journey. 

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bibliotecaria said...

It's lovely to hear how well you are doing, especially with all that extra energy! Keep it going!