30 November, 2015

2 months post op

I skipped my 8 week post because I knew the 30th was coming up fast. 
This last week has been fun with the Thanksgiving holiday and family get togethers. I am now down to 266.6 lbs and it was time to remeasure. 
Where I began: 
To where I am now:
I feel good! 
I had salad for the first time since surgery this week. Tazzy was so happy! Still protein first but I have always loved vegetables. I also made up granola bars and have been able to have a couple with no problems. 
Thanksgiving was a lot easier than I thought it would be. A small bit of turkey and ham a few sides and a very happy Tazzy. We went to Boo's house for dinner so very little leftovers came home with us. I did make Sarge a turkey breast on Friday. He craves turkey sammies. Easy meals, yay! I was worried that desserts would tempt me, but not even a little bit. I was very happy having a coffee while everyone had pie. 
My blood sugar numbers have not been above 90, so I think I am truly in remission from diabetes. I have not had medication since 3 days before surgery. 
Today, I am down and out with the cooties. My throat feels like I ate cut glass. Lots of tea, some Tylenol  and SF halls. Just taking it easy. 
I hope no one else catches this. 

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E. Coombs said...

Sorry to hear about the sore throat. I hope you are feeling better soon.