04 October, 2015


On my to do list for post op, I am supposed to get 60+ grams of protein and 64oz of liquids. I'm on a liquid diet so this should not be hard. Yeah. Tazzy is about the size of my thumb from tip to 1/2 what between the knuckles. It doesn't hold much. I can do an ounce or two of liquid every hour at one ounce at a time. I know it will be easier as the swelling goes down but for now, I'm getting what I can and tracking everything. I like really cold items or really hot items- chilled core power or crystal light mango tea. Beef bullion for a savory choice and decaf coffee with almond milk- almost orgasmic I swear! 
I am taking enough meds that I feel I rattle. If I tried to take them all at once it would not all fit in Tazzy. I use the Mango Health app to keep me on track of taking my medicine. Some I swallow, some I chew, one melts in my mouth and one is liquid. Most will go away after the first two weeks and I will get into a routine. Of all the meds I am taking, I am not taking any for diabetes. Yep, I am in recovery from that disease. Fingers crossed I stay that way. 
Best thing about being home is my double shower! Hot water beating on a sore body feels amazing. I walk as much as I can, at least 10 minutes every hour, but my back and hips hurt from sitting so much. When I am down for a nap or sleep, I am on my back because I can't lay on my side yet. The pressure points are sore. I will be looking forward to a massage as soon as the doctor gives the okay. Probably 6 weeks out. 
This was all about weight loss. Well, when one has surgery, they pump you full of fluids and air. After, you are bloated and weigh more than what you did going in. I went into surgery at 302 lbs. Came out at 312 lbs. the scale hasn't budged much here at home. My post op appt is on the 8th for an official weigh in. I never expected to come out skinny. I knew surgery weight would happen, I hope Tazzy gets to work and kicks the fat to the curb. 
I'm knitting on a Brickless shawl in the colorway Unknown- I felt that was what I was going into.  
And I started a pair of slipper clogs for my oldest sister. Need to make a pair for my middle sister as well. Hopefully these will be mailed out before Thanksgiving. 

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Susan Moore said...

I can't imagine what you are going through. You've got a great attitude though so I'm sure you will be fine. There will be rough times but you've got it babe.