17 September, 2012

Junk shopping and a cheap foodie weekend

Lorrie came over for the weekend. I miss her and we agreed we need to get together more often.

While she was here, we played!
Saturday started with Waffle muffins!

Waffle muffins

Banana nut!

Then we headed off to do some errands.

We saw a Flea Market along the side of the road and we had to stop. I bought a rack that I will hang shawls on and a cabinet for my bathroom. Yes! Finally somewhere to store my towels! I know, I get excited over the little things. After that, we headed down to New Holland Brewery to meet Lori for lunch. Yum! Reuben's all around.

We then hit a few junk stores.

As some of you know, I call Sarge my "Knight in scuffy combat boots" well, outside one store, we saw a suit of armor. No combat boots. I checked, no balls either!

Yep sent this picture to Sarge, he got a charge out of it.


Then we went to Hobby Lobby where I found the cutest little balls of yarn


Which I plan to make up into mug rugs. They are 38 yards each.

After that, what was there to do but stop and get drinks and the makings for Waffle Brownie's with Ice cream (Diet be damned!) When it was cooked up in the waffle maker, we split it in half, Topped it with ice cream, peanuts, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


 Went down well with Margaritas and Scrumpy's--YUM!

On Sunday we woke up and relaxed. Coffee and crafting!

I played with my new mini loom. I never had one as a kid.


New cotton hot pads *grin*

While Lorrie knitted booties.

I also introduced Lorrie to the world of Roku. Yep. It's worth getting the box.

About 3ish she had to head back to her side of the Mitten.

Good thing I get to see her again at Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool in two weeks!!!