23 February, 2011

Surgery went well

Remember the broken leg on Roo?

Lady Bug Right Side

I had a wonderful email conversation with Schacht's customer service and they sent me out a new part for her,along with a L-end wrench to help put her back together.

Leg plus L-end wrench

I had to call the company and talk to someone there because I could not figure out where to use the L-end wrench. Where they said to use it had phillips head screws, so maybe mine is an older model *shrugs* So I went ahead and took her apart and oiled up all her pieces.
While I was getting ready to reassemble, I found I needed a L-end wrench to take off the Kate assembly. However this was a much smaller wrench than what they had sent me, so I was all ready to go to the hardware store tomorrow...
When the guys from Sears showed up to deliver and install my new treadmill.

I just happened to ask if the had a small L-end wrench I could borrow. They were very nice. They told me they had one they used for GE appliances.

Tool from Sears Dude

It is very tiny, so we tried it and it worked.
I hurried up and took the Kate off the old piece and was putting it on the new piece, when I had to grab the hammer to get the rods into the holes. Man those suckers are tight. The guys were laughing with me that it was taking me more time to do surgery on Roo than it took them to set up the treadmill.


Well, eventually I got Roo all put together and she works like a dream again.


Oh, they let me keep the tool for future use.
Day 285


dnaprice said...

Yay for delivery guys, especially when the help us in our fibery endevors. Glad you got your wheel up and running again.

Gramma Phyllis said...

In all the 37 years I've lived in my house built in 1929, I have only had ONE grumpy repairman or delivery guy. So I say yeah for those hard working guy and gals. Glad Roo is back to her glorious self.