15 February, 2011

It's the Little Things

In marriage that make you smile.
We really have had a lot of time apart in our relationship. This has not only been due to the military, but also because of past circumstances with family. He is my best friend and I really enjoy his company.
Before Sarge left, he told me that he wanted to get more into my hobbies so we can spend more time together. He also asked me to get more into his hobby and I agreed.
His part of the bargin came in yesterday.

Fiber Starter

Babe Fiber Gardens FiberStarter

Sarge's Wheel

Manly looking (his words) and fun to spin on.

My part will come when he gets home and I get to choose my pistol.

As a couple we have never celebrate Valentine's day. We both feel it is a "Hallmark" holiday and not one we plan for. The man surprised me today with a delivery.

Flowers from Sarge

He is my Knight and made my day!

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One pair of Hands said...

What a gorgeous man. Will you be able to borrow that lovely wheel now and again?