05 December, 2010

80% of U.S.

College students change their majors at least once. Most will change it up to three times in the goal of earning their diploma. I learned this when I did a Google search on the subject.
I guess I am above average. Here is the history of my college career changes:

First, I wanted to be a psychologist, and that transferred into a minor in theology. Yeah, what a combination. After I stopped going to school for a while, I was in a job that put me through training in marketing and advertising. I did earn the certificate associated with this class study, but to me it still wasn't a college degree. The one thing I have always wanted and have yet to achieve. After a while working in the advertising field, I decided to go back to school again. This time for accounting. Yes, I like numbers, but UGH! Not that much.
When I moved to Michigan, I thought about going back to school right off, but that did not work out. After a while, the itch started back up and I went to Baker College to see what was needed for me to graduate with all the transfer credits and such. Well, I started my last journey to getting my degree in the spring of 08. I decided at that time to go for a sign language interpreter degree, I thought it would help me anywhere the military took us. How wrong could I be? As I have bad legs, I cannot stand for long periods of time, so I was physically not cut out to be an interpreter. So, I changed my major to Human Resource Management. This was something I knew I was good at, as I have worked in that field in the past, but after a while, I knew it was not something I was passionate about. I want my career to be something I am passionate about. I want to live it, be surrounded in it and have fun with it. So not what can be done in HR.
After a lot of searching in myself about what I want to be when I grow up, I decided to change my degree to Business Administration last Tuesday night. I did this, because my passion is owning my own business. My passion for fiber will take me to owning my own business and one day I will. My husband and I have sat down and have a rough draft of our 10 year goal. Part of that goal is both of us finishing our degrees and I opening a yarn store, with a B&B attached. I think this is a much better college major choice for what I want to do when I grow up.
So if all comes through in the end, I will be able to put crunchy granola hippie on my business card.
Yeah, that is what I am going to college for.


livin4fishin said...

Good for you Coggie!! It is so hard to really find that passion! (I know because I too am struggling with what I want to be when I grow up (I'm 41)) It gives me hope I will figure it out just like you have! Can't wait to see pics of you with your diploma!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a journey!

When I first entered college, I wanted to be a high school English teacher. After leaving school for several years and then reentering, I decided to go into computer programming. When I discovered that I had to take some advanced math classes, I quickly changed my mind...settling on Social Sciences. I opted for this degree because I had done my homework (literally) and discovered that I could teach with a social sciences degree (and additional education classes). So, I came full-circle.

It's always interesting to read of others' journeys.

KnitNurd said...

I am so there when you open up that yarn shop with a B&B attached!!! You're going to be a rock star...good for you!!!