09 November, 2010

Things that make you go Hmm about STUFF

I live in a house that is cluttered with STUFF!
In doing research for a project in my Micro-economic class, I was pointed to this article.

I have been trying to downsize in my house and get rid of clutter. I like the idea of living minimalistic, but have not yet achieved it. I know I have too much STUFF and the STUFF I have is overwhelming to my brain. I am not sure I can go down to 100 items, but, if I count my fiber (yes yarn included) as one, then I might be able to reduce my clutter with all of the other things. I am going to think on this some and see what number I can get down to.

Look out thrift stores, you are about to get a lot of STUFF.

One persons STUFF is anothere treasure.

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Kathleen Kibblehouse said...

I know! How did this happen? I know I should purge, but I LOVE MY STUFF! Every time I got to clean it out and get rid of things, I just end up moving it around a little, playing with it, and then walking off to go knit somewhere. Love your podcast! Thanks so much for keeping me entertained while I work every day.