08 September, 2010

Random Dozen, Labor Day Style

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1. Describe the best sandwich in the world, according to you.

Veggies, lots of veggies.
Plus a good cheese, like feta, Baby Swiss or a sharp cheddar
either stone ground mustard or olive oil and vinegar.
oh...or hummus
All on a good sour dough bread
Then toasted so the cheese melts
Ok now I am hungry.

2. Which inspires you more: a good conversation, a song, a book or movie?

A good conversation.

3. What is your favorite board game?

Trivial Pursuit

4. As you grow older, are you more or less patient with small children?

Less I think, but I never was patient with children. I like kids, but now I like to give them back. Some are better than others.

5. Name one item you never let yourself run out of.

Toilet paper.

6. Do you agree with Tennyson's assertion, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"

Yes. Love is very important.

7. Name one national treasure or monument that you have visited.

Grand Canyon

8. Which is more painful, to be disappointed in someone else or to be disappointed in yourself?

in myself. I cannot control others, only myself.

9. What makes your kitchen uniquely yours?

I am the only one who cooks in it.

10. Are you a crafty person?

LOL, yeah, that is an understatement.

11. What is your favorite traditional picnic or bbq (cookout) food?

Fried chicken on a picnic, Burgers or chicken on the grill.

12. Name one leisurely activity you enjoyed over Labor Day Weekend.

I sat with a friend and spun all weekend. It was amazing!! Thank you Lorrie!


Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

We all must keep the toilet paper folks in business! I've always wanted to learn how to spin...we have an exhibit at our state fair called 'sheep to sweater' that shows the whole process from shearing to spinning to knitting...it's fascinating. Thanks for playing!

Mocha with Linda said...

Spinning? Didn't know anyone did that.

The toilet paper answers are cracking me up.

And I almost put your answer for #9!

Cindy Swanson said...

Short and sweet answers! I named Trivial Pursuit as one of my faves as well.

Hope you'll check out my Random Dozen...I did it podcast-style!p

auburnchick said...

Your sandwich sounds divine!!!!

momma24 said...

All the talk about food has me hungry even though I just ate lunch! Great list.