19 July, 2010

What I Bought

On Saturday, we were at CJ Kopec Creations Studio. Yes, we got to admire her Etsy store in person. It was wonderful!!

I picked up a few items while I was there. Yeah, like you expected anything less, right?

4 oz of Corriedale Blend

Corriedale blend CJKopec

I already started spinning this

Corriedale blend CJKopec

4 oz of Superwash BFL in Trust me

This colorway reminds me of the desert sunset picture from my trip last month.

8 oz of Masham in Sha-Zam

Sha-Zam Masham CJKopec

4 oz of Superwash Merino in pinks and oranges, not sure of colorway name

Superwash Merino CJKopec

(not sure amount I think 4 oz) Superwash Alpaca...
I mean Superwash Merino and Alpaca blend in Mauve

Alpaca/Superwash merino CJKopec

I also picked up a all of roving (or was it top?) for Chris as a thank you for driving.

1 comment:

wooliegirl said...

Beautiful colorways and it does match your desert picture. Makes me want to go buy roving!!! Oh I wish I hadn't told myself no more until I spin what I have...temptation is a beast!!