11 February, 2010


Opening ceremonies are on Friday.
I so love the Olympics.

I am going to play along with the athletes in aiming for Gold in the Knitting Olympics from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee better known as the Yarn Harlot

I heard about the first knitting Olympics during the opening ceremonies of the 2006 games and wished I was able to play along. I watched the blog and cheered for the knitters to finish. I swore if she did it again I would play along.

In 2008, it was the summer games turn and Ravelry took up the cause and did the Ravelympics. I was a Ravelete during these games and finished my first FLS during this time. It was great fun.

Now it is 2010 and I want to do both, plus my LYS is having an event for a project that is done with their yarn.

So, I am a 2nd time Ravelete, on two teams with three projects, a Knitelete with the Yarn Harlot and I will keep track for the LYS as I am using their yarn on one of the projects.

I hope I win Gold on something, somewhere. If not, I love watching the Olympics and I love knitting so not a bad time will be had by me. *smiles*

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