13 February, 2010

Mass cast on

I participated in the mass cast on for my Ravelympics project at 9pm EST last night.
I started the Swift Sak by KniftyRed
I am using Sugar'n Cream yarn in Brown, white and ombre of the two.

Will be my Swift Sak

I am doing this project for Team Sasquatch. A bunch of the members of the team went into a Ravelry chat room and talked and knit while watching the opening ceremonies last night. It was a grand time. A bit fast paced, but just like I like it. It reminded me of the old days in the TQAB Quiz room I used to run on MSN. Not a ton of knitting was done as the chat and the ceremonies were both so worth watching.

Ravelympics cast on

I think the bottom of the bag looks like it has a nipple but I believe that is where the icord handles will be connected to so that is okay. I did the bottom on size 6 needles, but the fabric was killing my hands, so I stopped to watch the lighting of the Olympic flame and rub my hands with Bee Bar Lotion. It is heaven;y stuff for your hands as it warms when you rub it in and makes all the aches go away. This morning I changed needles to a size 8 and my hands are much happier.

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