05 February, 2010

Just Bits

Earlier this week I had to go in for my yearly boob squish. I stopped by the hospital gift shop and this little critter had to come home with me. As our anniversary is on Groundhog day, The sarge and I collect groundhogs and hedgehogs. They are our mascot I guess.

Mr. Spot is not sure if he agrees.
Have you had your boobs squished this year?

I also picked up the makings for a Wooly Board.


I need to get it all put together this weekend.

Then I started a quick project.
Branching Leaves Scarf in Fisherman's Wool From Lion Brand


I am just over half way done.

Finally my MIL came down this morning and she gave me Pink-n-Sparkly.
My new project bag *grin*


I love Pink-n-sparkly things!!


Megan said...

My screen only showed the top of the first picture without scrolling. I was very surprised that you were able to find a cat at the gift shop!

Amanda said...

Lol, thats what I thought.

auburnchick said...

Oh...your Branching Leaves is so pretty! I made this a couple of years ago (twice), so I'm quite partial to the pattern! And what a fabo bag!! Woo Hoo!

Fru-la-la! said...

OMGAWD! I wantz the pink sparkly bag! I love it!!!

Sandi said...

Beautiful scarf...I'm looking for the pattern, but having no luck - would you be willing to share a copy?

Coggie said...

The scarf can be found free on Ravelry

DeeringFamily said...

I cannot seem to find the pattern chart on Ravelry. Could you point me to it? I found the page with info about it but there is no pattern.

Sam said...

The link on revelry doesn't work anymore and there's a bunch of us that are looking for the pattern.

Sam said...

The link to the pattern on revelry actually doesn't work anymore and there's a bunch of us looking for the pattern.

Coggie said...

I went and looked at my project page. It is linked to the pattern branching out. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/branching-leaves-scarf
The notes on there say the pattern is no longer available. I am not the designer and did not keep the pattern after I made it. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.