27 January, 2010

Midweek Randomness

Good news, the sun came in my window for a few minutes today. Both the cats and I enjoyed sitting in the light.

Bear came over with Miss A. and little ones today, Mr. D came in and watched cartoons while I got to play with little Miss Z. She is a talking concern, just babbles and babbles. I miss having babies, however I am glad I can play and give back now. I miss seeing bear as much as we used to, but it is turning into an adult relationship with our child instead of just being mom & dad. This is cool. I am glad I raised a good person.

The end of the midterm is tonight, which means I am escaping it to type this post. My head really hurts from information overload. Three weeks down, three more to go. The week after I have to sign up for classes for spring quarter. I am then off for six weeks between quarters. I plan to take this time to set up and produce a second podcast. I am excited about that.

The Sarge is very busy between his civilian job and the military. We need to plan a date night and just get away for a while.

Boo was accepted into the University that she wanted to attend. She will be dorming with her best friend. It is close enough to home that if she needs something, we are here. However far enough away that we are not up and under her. Having your youngest spread their wings and fly is hard. We are so proud of her.

Last, Boo has earned the right to be part of a drawing for a new car. It is for Grand Haven and Muskegon High school students who have a 3.0 or higher GPA. The higher your GPA, the more entries you get. By May she will have the max in, (I do not see her GPA dropping). I hope she wins. It is for a little Nissan Cube. She got to sit in the car when we went and filled out her entries. She will look good driving it, if...uh hmm, when... she wins.

That is enough randomness for today.

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bethanyg said...

Hooray for Boo!! That is just fantastic news all around. I wish her all the best.

Your school work for these classes are almost done. Get a calendar out and make big X's as the days pass. It's so hard while you're in the thick of these shorter classes, but it's so worth it.