23 January, 2010

Bank Therapy Hat

When we got home on Thursday, I needed something to take my mind off the newest crap that Chase bank is throwing at us. So, being who I am I grabbed for hook and yarn.

I whipped up this hat out of my own handspun polypay yarn.

Slouchy hat
Slouchy hay

Things I learned:

I love working with my handspun yarn. This being said, I need to ply a bit tighter . When crocheting with the hand spun it would unply as I was holding tension,as it pulls it bit but if I was loose, it would crochet up okay.

I need bigger dinner plates. I had to block this over my dye pot lid as it was the only thing I had that was round and big. Maybe I need to ask the pizza place for one of their cardboard circles that has not been used.

I washed the yarn before I used it, back when I had set the twist. Even though I did this I still had green water when I washed and rinsed again after making the hat.

I will have to add elastic to the inside of this hat as it is a bit too big to fit securely and it needs stretch so a sc chain would not do.

I might gently felt this before I add elastic to make it a bit smaller and firmer.

Changes I will make when doing the pattern again:

I will do crochet ribbing at the edge instead of just a band of sc's.

Make it just a bit smaller or use a smaller hook, as it is a tad too lacy for me, I wanted a denser hat.

Crochet in spiral instead of making each round finish, I don't like the little seam line this creates.

Overall it was an okay pattern. Easy to do and quick to make.

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