15 December, 2009

Christmas is in da house

Yep, I have a bit of the mood now.
Don't get too excited.
Just a bit.

So come on in


See the stuff--smell the candles

Entertainment Center top

See the tree--we are okay that it leans a bit.


Stay a while and Taste the Turtles (Recipe from Stitch it! Podcast, I used Walnuts)

Walnut Turtles

ETA: Recipe From above Blog

Rollo Pretzel Turtles

mini pretzels
bag of Rollo's
whole pecans

set oven to 250 degrees. spread mini pretzels in one layer on a cookie sheet that’s covered in tin foil. unwrap a Rollo and put it on each mini pretzel. once all pretzels have a Rollo, put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes. take them out of the oven, and push one pecan into each Rollo so it squishes it down. let them cool. eat and enjoy!!!
Or a Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie-- no recipe-Refrigerator cookie dough and Hershey's kisses.

Peanut butter kisses

Come back soon


Jasmin said...

Coggie, those look DELICIOUS! I can't find the recipe, though...

knittinwolf said...