15 November, 2009


Sunday's at home can be wonderful.

Today was one of those days.

HBO must have known that I had nothing on my plans but to knit and spin today, as they have played nothing but chick flicks all day. I watched One fine Day, Sweet November, The American President and now Definitely maybe is on. Yep chick flick city.
During the watching, I finished spinning up the Polwarth that I began spinning at the retreat last weekend.


Polwarth single

Navajo Ply:

Polwarth Navajo plied

Skeined: 80 yards It's actually a light silver grey

Skein of Polwarth

As I was busy spinning, the Sarge decided to fix the front steps. We had a broken board under the landing and two of the steps were rickety. So he and our neighbor have been working on them this afternoon...

The look of determination:

Fixin' the Steps

A purpose found:

Fixin' the Steps

The Victim:

Fixin' the Steps

The weapons:

Fixin' the Steps

And it goes on into the night...

Fixin' into the night

If the weather hold for tomorrow, we will get the fiberglass to fix the top of the step that has peeled.

So, that was our Sunday. I hope yours was as productive.

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