03 November, 2009

Ravelry Anniversary

Two years ago, I got my invite into the wonderful site of ravelry.com. At the time, I was a little skeptical about what a "great" site it was. I had heard news on many of the newsgroups and yahoo groups I was a member of about this site. I had listened to a few podcasts, they had talked about it for a while and in mid October, and I finally went onto the waiting list to get in. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a website would change how I craft. Ravelry has done just that.

I have met a lovely group of people, both online and in person since joining this site. I have been able to give back to the site by making meet up buttons with "Ravatar" pictures on them for other users. I have been able to both get patterns not found else where and also put up a few of mine for others to make. I have had a blast for the last two years and I hope to have many more years of fun.

This is a thank you to Jess for the idea of the site and to Casey for having the knowledge to put his wife's idea into reality. (Big bonus for good husband material as he gives his wife what she wants).

Another way to thank them that you and I can help with is the $12.12 on 12/12 donate party that is happening on Ravelry. This is a donation through PayPal of $12.12 on December 12 of this year to Ravelry (info for donating is on their site).

Ravelry is a free site, but people donate in order to gain bigger, better servers for faster surfing, trips for the paid employees of Ravelry to fiber events around the world. I have heard that the actual cost of Ravelry is covered by the advertising that happens on the site, so really this is just a thank you for them doing such a great job at giving us a site to go and play on.

I will make sure there is $12.12 in my account to give to them on this date. It is the least I can do for them making a site that has occupied many hour of my life in the last two years.

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