14 August, 2009

Now Knitting

Wow, I look back on the last couple of weeks and they have been so busy. Normally when my husband goes out of town, I get things done around the house. This year, with school, a daughter who has a job but no car and life in general, I got nothing done. For me the big surprise was I hardly got knitting done.
So, here are the major highlights:

First off, Last Saturday I got to meet up with a fellow Raveler, Scisorlady. She PMed me on Ravelry that she would be in Michigan from South Dakota and wanted to know if we could meet up. Of course I said yes!! Meeting Heather
She came down, with her husband and daughter, from 1.5 hours north to have lunch. Wonderful meeting them all, Thank you.
We went to Porta Bellos, an awesome Italian place here in Grand Haven and had lunch. After, we headed for a bit of yarn shopping. The Needlesmith, here in town is a bit small, but it does have good yarn. We did a turn around in there and then decided to head down to Holland for Lizzie Ann's Wool co. I had also heard there was a weavers thing going on, but we never found that.
Here is the sock I am working on from that meet up. Sock one

During the time the Sarge was gone, I have finished my Myra Myra unblocked Myra unbocked
This picture is more true to color.
I have yet to block it, but it is on the list.

In finishing that, my needles felt empty, so I cast on for my Summer Frills shawl. Summer Frills
So there you have it. My little bit of crafting and a great meet up with an online friend.


dnaprice said...

The shawls are beautiful!

SJ said...

What a tiny little world our knitting community is when I see a picture on a blog of someone I knit with at my local knit night, scisorlady, on the blog of another knitter several states away whom I listen to, but don't know personally!

That's awesome that you two got to hang out for awhile. :)