17 August, 2009

Fiber Fest 09

The Michigan Fiber Fest was this last weekend and you all know I just had to attend. Normally each year I go and collect all the yarn I need for the projects I have planned for the fall and winter. This year, because of all the yarn I had collected on the road trip with Deborah, I was after fiber and tools instead.
I think my favorite part of the fiber fest each year is meeting up with people.

Bams and I saw each other there

The lady at PufPaffs fiber had on a full circle entrelac skirt. AWESOME!

Pufpaff'a Fiber- Entralac skirt

I finally got to meet Rita from Yarn Hollow. She is on the Podcast this week.

Rita from Yarn Hollow

Ladybugknitter and I saw each other


Pmpknpunk had a booth set up


Bethany, Tim and I waiting for the Rav meet up.

At the meet up

Deborah and MIL waiting for the meet up , planning the attack on the booths later.

A rest from the heat

We had a few people at the ravelry meet up.

Ravelry Meet up
I didn't catch names of everyone, but it was fun chatting. Please make me your friend :)
I want to thank the lady who took the photos. Funny when 15 people who blog each want a picture, this lady used each camera. It was fun.

Right after the meet up, I went and got my Pinkie from the car and headed out in search of the Babe's booth. I got to meet and talk with Nels. He is awesome!!

Nels from Babe's Fiber Garden

He explained where to oil my wheel, not as many places as everyone was advising me on.He also showed me a few tricks on spinning and drafting which has allowed me to get much smoother in my singles. Wow what 5 minutes can do. I also got to try out both a production wheel and a Fiberstarter wheel. I fell in love with the Production. It is very easy on my ankle and I can single foot it.

I will hopefully have one before the end of the year.
I did make my first purchase of the day there, I bought 3 new bobbins for Pinkie. These are the same small size I picked up before, but they now have an extra groove on the drive band edge so it can spin lace or fast spin fibers like camel down and silk. YUM!!

Other purchases for me (I was not a big spender this year)

4 oz of BFL (Wish I would have gotten more!)
I am already spinning it.

4 oz of BFL, already spinning

1/2 pound of Columbia/Romney in Blue jeans, 2oz of CVM in Browns and 2oz of Mohair/cormo/merino top natural white

Blue:Columbia/Romney Roving, Brown:CVM, White: Mohair/Cormo/Merino top

And finally, a Wooden Needle case key chain.

Wooden needle case

Later in the afternoon, the humidity broke and it started to feel a bit better outside. I went back to the pavilion and spun some, while Deborah and MIL knitted.
We got home about 7 pm and we were wiped out. It was a wonderful day and a good tired.

This year wasn't as bad as the last couple, I think people stayed away because of the heat and it was nice. Next year, I am thinking of attending on Sunday, I know there are less people on that day, but that also means less people in the barns at the same time.

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bethanyg said...

Aw man! Now I can't spin your silk/camel for you!? Bummer! ;)