03 June, 2009

A little of this a little of that

This has been a good week here.
On Tuesday, I had my post op doctor’s appointment and she was gentle but firm. The incisions look good and healing is going on, just not as fast as it should be. I was pushing myself a bit on lifting weights, even small 3 lb weighs are not good when you are trying to get abs to heal. I can continue to walk, slowly, around the block, but she said to give it another week or so of healing before I add anymore.
I am looking forward to stretching and dancing and getting out into the sun, at least I have a goal.
Talking about goals, I am down 3# YAY!

I have been watching what I put in my face and really trying to keep track on the my plate website. It keeps me accountable and for me, that is a good thing. I have had a few slip ups, but that is okay, no one is perfect and as long as I am happy all is good.

I know this weekend will be mostly spent in front of the computer, it is finals and I have been gone from one of my classes for 3 weeks. This class I have due-- two 3pg papers on discussion from classes I missed, a 10-pg paper or 50 slide PowerPoint on Uruguay and I need to type up notes for the final exam. Thank goodness, the final is open notes, too bad no one I had asked in class took notes the week I was gone. Sigh I will go over the book and see what I can come up with.
In my other class, I have four law cases to go over and write up IRAC's for each case. IRAC stands for Issues, Rules, Analysis and Conclusion. Oh so fun when discussing Employee Law.

I can say even though I know my plate is full, I am going to try to get to knitting tomorrow night. I need the relaxation and I just need to get away.
I do need to say a few Thank yous:
Last Thursday, I received a box in the mail. First I racked my brain as to why I was getting a box from California. It was the wrong address to be from family and I wasn't in any swaps with anyone in California that I knew of. I opened it and saw:
Lots of items all prettily wrapped up. I read and found out it was from Java Nut on Ravelry. Her and I became friends on the She-Knits boards and she has become a listener of the podcast I co-host. She sent the box as a recovery package. It is awesome!
Full of Chocolate goodness that I am snacking in little bits, so I can have them while still trying to be on a diet (moderation is good). Everything is just perfect for relaxing and healing. The little purple thing on top of the molasses chips is a light that clips on the books so I can read in bed, or knit in the car. AWESOME!
Thank you so much.
On Monday I received this package from XgvjXof Ravelry who lives in Norway. I was her partner in the Monthly Adventures 4/4 swap that was all about food. She sent yummy European milk chocolate and 13 bags of different teas for me to try. A goo cuppa makes me happy. Thank you it is perfect. Now I need to be a good swapper and send a package off to my partner. I have until the 10th, so I am not late yet.
On the last podcast I talked about how I wanted to try entrelac, I wanted to start small so I invited the listeners to join me in a garterlac along. I think garterlac is gartercrack. It is addicting and wonderful. I don't like huge washcloths, so I stopped two rows early, and I have yet to weave in the ends, but I can see me making something from this. I know entrelac has you purl back for stocking stitch squares, but I don't mind purls. Yes, I am weird.
I think that is all for tonight. After finals I hope to blog more often.


Sunset Knitter said...

Great packages! I'm glad to hear you are healing well!

Anonymous said...

First off...

Girlie, whatever possessed you to start lifting weights so soon after your surgery?!! Me thinks the meds went to your head!!! No more! Ok?


I like the garterlac cloth! I made one with self-striping yarn, and it's one of favorites! I smile every time I use it.

I'll keep you in my prayers during this hectic time. Just remember, one task at a time. You'll get through it. You may need a stiff drink afterward, but you'll get through it.