18 June, 2009

Hair- Part Two-Fun for the Summer

Yesterday Adrianne came over and finished up my hair. I have to say I am in Deep Like. Not sure if I am in live yet, but it feels really fun.
Before styling:
Yep, I said pink
Before Makeup:
And after:
Sorry, these are self taken bathroom shots, hope their not too blurry. The pink faded a bit, without a wash. I think I might need to get a permanent red to go under it. I am also not too sure about the white part, I may dye that pink as well. Sarge said it reminded him of Neopalitan Ice Cream or those coconut chews that are tri-colored.

In Fiber, I have been crocheting:

I also finished up my Lilac Lace baby blanket. 100_6404 I am still working on the pattern. This is the same pattern as the Pink and Lacy baby blanket I made up 100_6357 but I used a smaller hook. From a J to a G. I am not liking the one on the G hook. It is heavier, stiffer and it took the whole skein of yarn. I didn't get to finish the edging before I ran out, so there is a short edging instead of the deep frilly one on the pink blanket banket100_6403
The two blankets are for different babies, so no one will ever know the problem, but I will still work on the blanket design.
Live and learn.


Anonymous said...

The hair turned out great!

And the blankets...ooohhhh laaaaa laaaa!!!

Heidi said...

You are one brave girlie! Love the hair, and the blankets look lovely. Well done you!

Bobbi said...

You look awesome!